redux (reduxde) wrote in 0zort,

Fear of Zombies

I don't know about everyone else, but i've always been afraid of zombies. From the first time i saw Night of the Living Dead when i was 9 years old, to my subsquent introduction to the chinese zombies (not much like american zombies, chinese zombies can fly, move very quickly, and are only stoppable by affixing a rune on their foreheads, sort of like the european golum). The fear of zombies seems to be an irrational one. Why fear something that's already dead?

The possible answers are numerous. Perhaps through years of evolution, our DNA has learned that the dead cause disease and can harm you, leading us to be afraid of corpses. Perhaps it's a simple tortise & hare complex, since regardless of how long we run, we eventually have to rest and sleep when a zombie doesn't. Maybe its the sheer audacity of the dead not being dead.

At any rate, if anyone wants to share their zombie fear stories, be it reasons they're afraid of zombies, or when their first exposure to zombies was, i'd like to hear it.
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