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I had a dream about zombies the other night. I'm sure anyone who has put any serious thought into zombies has had dreams or nightmares about them at some point or another, so this would be a good place to share them.

Last night, I had a dream that me and 2 of my friends were having a great difficulty getting away from a rather small number of zombies. We were in a building that had a few wayward zombies lurking about, and we didn't have any weapons. I remember searching frantically for my quarter staff (blunt or not, i can ruin a few zombies pretty quick with a quarterstaff). I found several chunks of branches and whatnot, but nothing suitable. I finally got my hands on a pair of spears that were about 3 feet long each and very sharp on the tip. I was able to impale a zombie with them, but repeated attempts at stabbing through the skull were not working. The spear would glance off, and because of the length, it was a little too difficult to point and thrust properly.

I finally ended up pushing the zombie back and impaling it into the ground with the spear, which made it difficult for the zombie to get up, and was able to use the time to run to a vehicle and drive away.

the thing the dream made me realise is that to stab through the skull, you need to be able to score a DIRECT hit. which is a big "duh", but using a weapon thats more than about a foot long, it's going to be wobbly and hard to line the point up for a stab (imagine hitting a pool ball with a pool cue... very easy to push too hard and miss off to the side and just clip the ball... i do that every time i try to hit too hard).

As for weapons, focus on getting a weapon that is sharp, but short and handheld. 7 inches is plenty long enough. I never thought about using an ice pick, but that might be an ideal weapon. they're sharp as hell and really durable, and small and hand held, not to mention totally legal.

my 2 favorite weapons are now the hammer and the ice pick.

crowbars are great, but i've handled a few, and they're just too heavy, plus the long end is always curved, which probably makes it run a high chance of glancing off (as hard of a time as i have hitting a pool ball squarely, i have a harder time doing so with a crooked pool que).

i'm off to the hardware store to get an ice pick.
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