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Land Of The Dead

Yo. First time poster, but have long time respect for this kind of community. Ever since playing Resident Evil 1 on the Gamecube, the undead have become a obsession and phobia for me. And the threat of zombie takeover strikes me as very possible, if only a little bit improbable.
So, speaking of zombie world domination, I recently saw a trailer for George Romero's Land Of The Dead. And as far as zombie movies go, this one looks promising. They've gone beyond the cliche of a simple outbreak into the close handed future of an apoctalyptic world where humans live in walled cites with the constant fear of zombie on their front door. The only thing to be curious about is whether the outbreak is unexplained or has a corrupted virus behind it. I hope its the latter.
The release date is set for late June. Hopefully it will be as highly anticiapted as the trailers make it.
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