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Firstly hello to all. My name is Pos. I am very glad to have found a community of like minded individuals. I'm not sure about the rest of you but the rising of the dead is a fear which I have had for many years. With modern viruses, genetic manipulation and the general state of the world today. I am truly open to the possibility of the dead (or seemingly dead) becoming the major population of the world. I have taken initial survival measures and I have an immediate plan of action which I would carry out. I have had some long term considerations however I was hoping by coming here to find a long term plan which involves like minded individuals. Finding a safe haven, supplying the survivors pushing back the threat and recovering our world.
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I believe the general consensus is that after the shit hits the fan we won't be capable of traveling more than about 200-400 miles safely. I don't think there will be a best place to head. Meeting up with people will be impossible because in short order telecommunications will be out, and saying "meet up 5 days after the invasion on third and broadway" is going to be a bad plan. I don't think anyone wants to cross the country to meet up with 1 or even 5 people that may or may not already be dead.

Find people within your home city, or neighboring area who are like minded with you and designate a meeting area. If someone isn't on the same continant as you, they may as well be on another planet. If someone isn't within 200 miles of you, they may as well be on an island.

A majority of people are going to die. Chances are that if 50 members of OZORT get together and plan that only 3-4 of them will even be alive a month after the outbreak. Because of this basing your strategy around other people is foolish. Everyone you will need, marksman, doctor, chef, mechanic, musician, are people you can find after the dying starts. Traveling with a group for the first 2 weeks will be a severe liability. Let at least a week or two pass and let things sort themselves out, then pick your companions from the survivors.

the general focus of our organisation is to teach people how to rely on themselves.

I would love to say that I feel ozort is a group that will get together and re-establish society after everything falls, it may turn out that way if phone lines stay operational, but I simply don't see that as a possiblity. Don't waste your time trying to save people early on, they will only slow you down, and a majority of them will get bit and lie to you about it, then wind up attacking you in your sleep.

If this happens, you'll need to be aware that anyone that you sleep next to may wake up in the middle of the night and kill you. you can't trust a night watchman, he will fall asleep and you will die. you can't trust sleeping next to 4-5 other people because one of them is lying about being bit and will kill you in your sleep.

it sounds like you possess a majority of the skills you will need. keep honing these skills and all you will need is people around you to act as fodder.
I've got to disagree with you on that one. Safety is in numbers. Alone, you don't stand much of a chance against a horde of zombies. In a group, there would obviously be more people with guns, and maybe one or two weaklings to throw to the undead while you escape. Juust kidding.

Big groups = bad idea. Small group of 4/5 people = good idea. And about the bite stigma, there should be a checking ritual of some sort. But be prepared to rely soley on yourself, only use other members of a group as backups in extreme emergency. As for a safe haven, the only options are an uninhabited island (rare), a space shuttle (impossible), or some sort of ship that could sustain a long while at sea. Then again, we'd probably die of starvation or thrist a few months in.

Personally, if there should ever be a zombie outbreak, stay the hell away from me. A few days without my anti-psychotics and I'll be worse than the zombies.
You disagreed with me, but then went on to prove my point: OTHER PEOPLE are unreliable.

I'm not saying you should travel alone, I'm saying not to RELY on other people. It is good to travel with a small group, but be prepared to abandon the group if they start doing stupid things.

You need to accept the fact that you're not going to be able to pick 4-5 people out ahead of time who are scattered over hundreds of miles and meet up with them. You need to be able to rely on yourself to select people you're going to be around and people you're going to avoid. Everyone you need can be found in your city. It's not worth traveling 500 miles to look for a single specific person.

Furthermore, checking for bites is important, but I guarentee you 4 people aren't going to be comfortable having you check over every square inch of their bodies. People are going to know if they've been bit, and they're going to hide it. Nobody wants to be abandoned, die alone, or killed by their friends.

I'll travel solo before I'll trust the word of 4 people I don't know that they haven't been bit, especially if we're sleeping near eachother. Last thing I need is our night watchman deciding my face would make a good midnight snack.
Heheh, dangerous situations get complicated.

I wonder if animals could be infected by the virus. If not, a dog would make a good companion. Sensitive to noises a human can't hear, unable to lie, completely loyal.
hard to say. if it's rabies derivative, then animals would be the chief propogators. if it's a more advanced virus base like malaria or ebola, it can only affect humans (and perhaps certain types of monkeys).
I agree with the comments regarding people being bitten. I do have people in my area that I know and trust. I think a 100% body screen for bites is a good idea. I am also interested in the idea of using animals. Not only for roles such as guarding but there are people in the area where I live who keep pigeons. These could be used as a communication tool over distance (e.g between scouting parties and base camp) not to mention that animals can also be used as a source of food. I would recommend that anyone wanting to learn how to survive should have a basic knowledge of butchering skills and carcass preparation.
Actually that raises a very good point that i've forgotten to touch upon.

I dont think most people realise that when this happens, there will no longer be fresh fruit, meat, milk, juice, eggs, or cheese ANYWHERE. refridgeration will be done. if you can't grow food or butcher animals, you're going to be living off twinkies and ramen. I already did that in college and it is NOT fun.

basic knowledge of butchery and bakery and candlestickmakery is very important to have. also bear in mind you wont be able to look this shit up on the internet after it becomes a problem. i'm just hoping that libraries remain accessable, because theres a lot of refrencing thats going to need be done.